Top 6 Topics for Marketing Dissertation

Before you can complete your graduate program, you need to write and defend your dissertation to the assigned committee. If you're in a marketing doctorate program, you probably know that picking a topic for your thesis isn't going to be easy. However, it is important to note that this stage is important as any other stage during your program. It is going to determine how professional your thesis will look and how impressed your committee will be during your defense.

  1. Information Technology and the Revolution in Marketing
  2. Information technology or IT, as it is popularly known, has changed the world significantly over the years. In your custom thesis, talk about how IT has affected the marketing industry over the years. Keep in mind that there are good and bad sides. Depending on the type of essay you choose to write, talk about either both the advantages and disadvantages or just one.

  3. How Product Packaging Affects Organisational Sales
  4. Product packaging is almost as important as the product content. Talk about how the package influences the customer's decision to either buy or leave the product. The more compelling the packaging is, the more likely a sales representative is to make a purchase. Variables like the color, shape, and size of a product will affect the customer's decision.

  5. Digital Marketing Vs. Traditional Marketing
  6. Traditional marketing refers to the contemporary forms of marketing like flyers, televisions, radios, billboards, and newspapers. Digital marketing refers to the new wave of marketing through IoT devices. It includes but is not limited to social media marketing, search engine optimization, and email marketing. Talk about how advances in digital marketing have changed the game.

  7. How Customer-centric marketing can Promote Competitive Advantage and Business Success
  8. This dissertation will include a vivid explanation of the term and the cause and effect relationship between marketing strategies that are customer-centric and business success by giving a business a competitive edge.

  9. Exploring Impulsive Buying by Assessing the Impact of Integrated Communication
  10. Thanks to globalization, impulsive buying is one of the best ways to generate profit. Write about how companies acquire high market shares by tapping into customer impulses through integrated marketing.

  11. How Does Automated Response Affect Customer Service and Satisfaction
  12. To save costs and speed up customer service, most companies use AI bots to communicate with customers. Your thesis can be about how these bots affect customer interaction and business services. You can also talk about the Voice of Customer concept can be used to capture and analyze customer interaction.

How to Write Your Thesis

After your topic has been approved, you can proceed to your thesis proposal and research. At this point, you should consider paying for professional thesis writing help. You can find a professional dissertation writer online who is willing to offer cheap writing help from the beginning to the end of the dissertation writing. If you want to learn how to write your thesis rather than pay them to write it, this option is also available. It all depends on what you want.